You could spend endless hours learning how to grow your business. Or, invest 30-minutes in a conversation with me.

I know you didn’t start your business just to watch it stall out. Nobody does. But most experience ups and downs. I can help you reduce or even eliminate the downs, quickly and economically. Isn’t that what we all want?


Try to find a team of specialists. Or start with me.

There are plenty of business consultants and coaches out there. Most focus on particular business areas like management coaching, HR, customer retention, business development, IT, operations, and the list goes on. And all, very important functions.

I uniquely specialize in – business growth strategies through brand empowerment

ACT – Assess. Commit. Thrive.


Let’s find out where your business is today. We will utilize my ISO 10668 derived proprietary assessment tool to appraise its current strength, stature, health and vigor. And place a monetary value on those intangible assets.


Then engage in a program of business and brand development. We’ll discover who you really are, what you do differently and why you do it. The outcome:  – Category distinction, clarity of message, streamlined and economized marketing as well as internal brand adoption and business expansion.


Watch the trajectory of your company and your business development program ascend.

Here’s my simple approach:

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“Our branding journey began with the realization that our website was due for a major overhaul. I didn’t know where or how to begin, and I didn’t know what I should include on our website. Fortunately for me, a brand strategist presented to my CEO group. Once the branding presentation began, it took me only a few minutes to realize that Richard Gripp, and his methodology for bringing a company to the next level through unearthing your corporate brand, was exactly what our company needed. Working with Richard has been a rewarding experience and has elevated our business to the next level. I recommend all CEO’s, Presidents, and Business Owners learn how to propel your business forward with your brand.”

John Freudenberger,
CEO Triton Metal Products.

Greg Neyman,
Vice President and COO

“A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc. partnership with Ignite has been an amazing experience. Our company is more brand driven than ever before and it is in large part due to the work Ignite has done. The resources and connections Ignite bring to the table are the best in the business. The fact that we know Ignite is invested in and cares about our business is so important to us. Our company is now positioned for future success and I am so proud of what Ignite has accomplished for A&L Great Lakes Labs. More than the work that they do, we are so thankful to call the Ignite team friends.”

“I have worked with Richard for well beyond a decade. In every initiative, he has proven himself to be a masterful brand builder as well as a deeply strategic and thoughtful counselor.

Our work together and our personal interactions have been consistently successful and rewarding.”

Jim Hughes,
Founder, WorthGrowing Rancho Mirage, Calif.

ACT Now.

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