Ignite’s deliverables are all about:

Unearthing an organization’s brand distinction and leading them towards category ownership and sustained, profitable growth.

Operationalizing the power of a compelling distinction backed by evidence to create a crucial spark that generates momentum throughout the business.

Helping companies build a more robust and potent business development program.

Providing thought leadership and proprietary processes that ignite companies, moving them towards better, and sometimes new and different, places and by doing so, giving them the ability to move ahead.

Delivering through our proprietary 4-Step Process.

Our 4-Step Process:

Step 1 - Assessment

Client Interviews/Workshops

We Review Your:

    • Business plan
    • Measurable goals
    • Historical revenues
    • Company SWOT analysis
    • Market definition
    • Top competitors
    • Previous marketing plan
    • Previous PR plan
    • Sales programs
    • Sales plan
    • Media spend
    • Media contacts
    • Existing marketing analytics
    • Marketing budget
    • Conversion rate
    • Vendor perspectives
    • Corporate rosters charts
    • Existing brand architectural model
    • Existing ROI tracking procedures
Brand Insight Assessment

We Examine:

    • Company culture
    • Gaps and agreements among internal corporate units
    • Perceived key drivers for success

Step 2 - Discovery

Certified Proprietary Brand Discovery Process

We Help You:

    • Unearth your competitive compelling distinction
    • Crystalize your driving purpose… your passionate reason to be and why anyone should care
    • Identify your Unique Value Propositions
    • Define your corporate essence and franchise statements
    • Develop your corporate positioning statement with resulting preliminary brand communication visuals
    • Align your brand model with your business model for critical spark and momentum

Step 3 - Activation

Business Development

We Move Ahead:

    • Strategic sales planning
    • Counselor sales training
    • Establish sales performance and reporting criteria
    • Sales pipeline and prospect filter development
    • Sales management advisory support
    • Integrated strategic marketing planning (traditional and new medias/inbound & outbound)
Internal Brand Operationalization / Enculturation

(Internal Brand Adoption)

    • Moving employees and stakeholders from hearing the brand distinction/promise – to believing in the brand
      distinction/promise – to becoming the 24/7 embodiment of the brand distinction/promise
    • Establishing internal brand champions
    • Advising the brand champions in the building of the internal brand adoption strategies
    • Co-managing the successful execution of the enculturation strategy
    • Regular counsel and collaboration with the CEO on the progression of the enculturation process
    • ROI tracking and monitoring program
External Brand Operationalization

(External Adoption)

    • Moving customers, prospects, the market, the community and the industry from hearing the branddistinction/promise – to believing the brand distinction/promise – to emotionally adapting the brand distinction/promise
    • Co-managing the successful execution of the tactical execution and performance of the brand
      promotion campaign execution
    • Regular counsel and collaboration with the CEO on the progression of the external adoption process
    • ROI tracking and monitoring program
    • Conversion analysis

Step 4 - Monitoring

CEO Momentum Program

We Manage, Measure and Advise:
Business Development & Brand Development

    • CEO involvement
    • CEO checklist
    • Performance tracking
    • Ongoing status – impact on the business and its goals
    • Directions shifts
    • Ongoing counsel – input and direction