Empowering people and organizations to fly higher

Helping companies compete and succeed

People do not just buy what we do or even how we do it better. They embrace, engage and emotionally connect with our purpose, our cause, and why anyone should care.

Our firm was founded on, and is driven by, empowering organizations. Igniting and propelling them forward by helping become a brand driven business – growing and evolving to competitive category ownership and by doing so, fulfilling their purpose and making their competition irrelevant!

Today’s businesses and organizations face an increasingly challenging and threatening business environment. Ignite has been engineered to help companies and organizations become both smarter and healthier in the arenas of brand and business development and survive and thrive by doing so. We are here to help you and your business.




Today there are three things that ensure sustained company success:

  1. How SMART a company can continue to be
  2. How HEALTHY they can become
  3. How well they develop a BRAND LEADERSHIP in their competitive field

SMART is about raising the game… getting better at what you do and how well you do it. It is about processes, people, technology and thought leadership.



HEALTHY is about the people side of the business… how well we interact, collaborate and even have fierce conversations delivered passionately but respectfully. It is about having the right talent in the right places and everyone running on all cylinders.

BRAND LEADERSHIP is about unearthing the brand distinction of a company or organization, infusing and operationalizing this distinction throughout every person and every aspect within and around the organization. This is what fuels an organization towards category ownership.