Richard GrippRichard Gripp

President, Owner
Certified Brand Strategist

Richard Gripp is the brand man whose energy and passion for seeing his clients succeed ignited our company and fuels its growth today. A successful corporate executive and entrepreneur, his 40+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and company leadership equip him with a deep understanding of business, while his work with small to blue chip accounts gives him insight into the vision and challenges of top executives. One of only a few Certified Brand Strategists in the country, Richard understands the power of a brand. He believes that a successful brand communicates a company’s unique mission to the world, creating a powerful ripple effect. When a company evolves through brand development, so do the lives of its employees, their families, and the greater community. This zeal for positive change drives Richard’s innovative work as the President of Ignite LLC, as well as his service as a board chair for the Indiana-Ohio American Red Cross and a board committee member for the Fort Wayne Center for Learning, the Philharmonic Youth Symphonies and Rotary. Whether it is his energetic resource team, variety of clients, or local community members, Richard Gripp lives to see people ignite and become empowered to fly higher.

Kevin GuyKevin Guy

Consultant, Business Adviser

Kevin Guy serves on our advisory board as a seasoned executive with 20+ years of running and reviving Fortune 1000 level companies. Kevin’s understanding of a company’s people, technology, processes, and how the three components sync up enables him to devise strategies that dramatically improve revenue, profitability and front line efficiency. He has held positions such as Managing Partner / Principal at a private management consulting firm where he advised C-level executives across numerous industries, Managing Director / SVP at Clover Technologies Group (Golden Gate Capital) and VP Sales & Marketing at PNA Holdings (Bank of America Capital Investors). Ignite is excited that our clients can benefit from Kevin’s expertise. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Indianapolis and a Master of Science degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Joe NoorthoekJoe Noorthoek

Consultant, Video/Media Specialist

Joe Noorthoek is our vision-minded, values-driven, results-oriented consultant and video guy, passionate about showing – not just telling – the world about each company’s unique brand. With one foot in the creative world and one foot in corporate, Joe is perfect to capture a company’s brand on film and keep the focus on their objectives throughout the process. Joe believes that video enables a consumer to understand not just what a company is about, but also how and why they do what they do – in other words, their brand. What makes Joe such a dynamo asset to our team? His 15 years of experience in the branding and business development fields; career highlights that include bringing a small business back from the brink, founding Mission3 Media video production company, and receiving one of Fort Wayne Business Weekly’s 40 Under 40 awards in 2014; and a burning curiosity that keeps him ahead in the quick changing realm of media and communications. Ignite isn’t out to create companies’ brands – we want to help companies discover them, and Joe Noorthoek is all about making new discoveries.