Knowledge is power.

Ignite is dedicated to building the brand knowledge base and bringing a focused clarity to the science and art of brand development. What you really need to know and understand about brand development.

The definition of a brand:
  • Evidence of distinction. Without distinction, you’re brand “X”, or generic, or worse, a commodity.
The difference between brand development and branding.
  • Brand development is the discovery process we go through to unearth the “Evidence of Distinction,” and the development of communications of
    that differentiation.
  • Branding is the tactical application of that distinction through all your communications materials.
Brand development is not a marketing initiative.

It is a corporate initiative. In order for a distinctive brand to be deliverable, it must be discovered and adopted at the very top echelon – the CEO, COO, President, VP of Marketing/Marketing Director, etc.

The most successful executives have one thing in common. They never stop learning. Broadening our knowledge helps us gain perspective, especially in these difficult economic times.

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